Source code for psdr.demos.oas

from __future__ import print_function
import numpy as np

from psdr import BoxDomain, TensorProductDomain, UniformDomain, Function

[docs]class OpenAeroStruct(Function): r""" A test problem from OpenAeroStruct A test problem using OpenAeroStruct similar to that described in [JHM18]_. References ---------- .. [JHM18] Open-source coupled aerostructural optimization using Python. John P. Jasa, John T. Hwang, and Joaquim R. R. A. Martins. Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization (2018) 57:1815-1827 DOI: 10.1007/s00158-018-1912-8 """ def __init__(self): domain = build_oas_design_domain() * build_oas_robust_domain() * build_oas_random_domain() Function.__init__(self, oas_func, domain, vectorized = True) def __str__(self): return "<Open Aero Struct Function>"
def build_oas_design_domain(n_cp = 3): # Twist domain_twist = BoxDomain(-1*np.ones(n_cp), 1*np.ones(n_cp), names = ['twist %d' % (i,) for i in range(1,4)] ) # Thick domain_thick = BoxDomain(0.005*np.ones(n_cp), 0.05*np.ones(n_cp), names = ['thickness %d' % (i,) for i in range(1,4)] ) # Root Chord domain_root_chord = BoxDomain(0.7, 1.3, names = ['root chord']) # Taper ratio domain_taper_ratio = BoxDomain(0.75, 1.25, names = ['taper ratio']) return TensorProductDomain([domain_twist, domain_thick, domain_root_chord, domain_taper_ratio]) def build_oas_robust_domain(): # alpha - Angle of Attack return BoxDomain(2.0, 5.0, names = ['angle of attack']) def build_oas_random_domain(): E = UniformDomain(0.8*70e9, 1.2*70e9, names = ["Young's modulus of the spar [Pa]"]) G = UniformDomain(0.8*30e9, 1.2*30e9, names = ["sheear modulus of the spar [Pa]"]) rho = UniformDomain(0.8*3e3, 1.2*3e3, names = ["material density [kg/m^3]"] ) return TensorProductDomain([E,G,rho]) def oas_func(x, version = 'v1', workdir = None, verbose = False, keep_data = False): r""" """ # If we use this inside the RedisPool, we need to load the modules # internal to this file import shutil, subprocess, os, tempfile, shlex, platform import numpy as np from subprocess import Popen, PIPE, STDOUT if workdir is None: # Docker cannot access /var by default, so we move the temporary file to # /tmp on MacOS if platform.system() == 'Darwin': workdir = tempfile.mkdtemp(dir = '/tmp') else: workdir = tempfile.mkdtemp() else: workdir = os.path.abspath(workdir) os.makedirs(workdir) # Copy the inputs to a file np.savetxt(workdir + '/my.input', x, fmt = '%.15e') call = "docker run -t --rm --mount type=bind,source='%s',target='/workdir' jeffreyhokanson/oas:%s /workdir/my.input" % (workdir, version) args = shlex.split(call) with open(workdir + '/output.log', 'ab') as log: p = Popen(args, stdout = PIPE, stderr = STDOUT) while True: # Read output from pipe # TODO: this should buffer to end of line rather than fixed size output = p.stdout.readline() log.write(output) if verbose: print(output, end ='') # Check for termination if p.poll() is not None: break if p.returncode != 0: print("exited with error code %d" % p.returncode) Y = np.loadtxt(workdir + '/my.output') if not keep_data: shutil.rmtree(workdir) return Y